Friday, April 19, 2019

Running Routes

On Wednesday, October 4th I got a notification on my phone and it was from my ESPN app. It said that Panthers Quarterback Cam Newton made problematic comments to a female reporter after she asked him about Devin Funchess route running. So I clicked on the link and watched the video.

Sexism or Compliment

After watching this clip I was in so much of a shock that I began to laugh uncomfortably. Not just his comments alone bothered me but he was confronted by the reporter afterward and didn’t give an apology. Cam Newton said it was a compliment to the female reporter but it sounded very sexist. I understand that in the past men believed that women should stay in their place. For example by working minor jobs, having children, and taking care of the house. But as time progresses so should we mentally.
Jourdan Rodrigue of the Charlotte Observer has the responsibility of asking questions to the Carolina Panthers players. So just because she is a woman it doesn’t stop her from doing her job correctly by asking thought-provoking questions.
Cam Newton needs to de a lot better. In wins Cam can be so joyful and his personality shines that brightest. But in loses He tends to be less willing to answer questions and tends to isolate himself. All we ask for is a more mature and consistent Cam Newton both on and off the field.  I don’t want his words and actions to cost him dearly in the future.
And according to ESPN “Dannon Oikos Yogurt” has dropped Cam Newton as a sponsor. As He admitted in the 2015 season that “He’s a black outspoken quarterback which can rub fans the wrong way.” I concur for the black athlete you can’t make many mistakes without being criminalized by fans. So why would you put yourself in these situations Cam. You have to be more careful because your actions may not just cost you fans but it may take money out of your pockets as well.
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