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At this point, the season seems to pretty much be over for the Redskins.  The only thing fans can pray for is that the players on the field continue to remain healthy to finish out the season strong, so there can be a glimpse of momentum headed into next year.

Going into Los Angeles after a loss to the Cowboys – in a game where both sides of the ball couldn’t get anything started – it was going to be tough, especially since the Chargers have been gaining loads of momentum during the latter half of the season, and making a true playoff run.

Since the first Dallas loss, winning out the rest of this season was a more than capable task with the team being put on the field (yes, including the injuries).  However, aside from the New York Giants game (who Washington almost blew a lead to) and the Seattle Seahawks, every game these past couple weeks have followed the typical Redskins mold: find a way to lose the game, rather than win it.

The Redskins play these past couple of weeks has been pretty questionable, and it’s raised a couple questions about what is to come.


My problem with the offense this week is that they seemed to lack a sense of urgency.  Every time I looked up, it seemed like they were faced with another 3rd and medium, and finding a way to blow it on either 3rd or 4th down.

Kirk Cousins

After reviewing the game film of Kirk today, I honestly believe his time in Washington is up.

His face lacked that fire and emotion that I once saw when he was trying to prove his place as a player who deserved to be paid.  Now, all I see is a player that is fed up with not having a team around him to compliment his abilities.  This seems to be weighing down on him in his efforts towards trying to lead the team.

Receivers aren’t selling out, and the offensive line and running backs can’t stay healthy.

Injury Bug

Losing the explosive Chris Thompson for the season really set Washington back, considering he accounted for about half of the teams offensive stats before he got hurt.

This football team is broken and needs a lot of fixing up.

The problem is, it seems like there is no remedy to get this team moving in the right direction when they are battling a nasty injury bug that’s easily affecting their team worse than any other in the league.

It will be a long three games to finish out the season if the Redskins continue to approach these games as if they have already been defeated before stepping on to the field.  Hopefully this past week was just a minor setback and the offense can continue to put up the numbers they have been in the preceding weeks … even when the defense blows the game.


When it comes to the defense, I have honestly been at a loss for words. There have been way too many lack luster performances across the board, but one player whose outing solidified his season, is Josh Norman.

Josh Norman

Mental errors seem to be the story of his season since he’s come back from injury, and at this point it’s kind of hard to even vouch for him anymore. The sad part about that is, it’s not only Norman—the whole secondary hasn’t played even close to impressive these past couple weeks.

DJ Swearinger

The only player I would be able to honestly vouch for would be DJ Swearinger. I’ve noticed his ability to make plays fairly consistently, and he should absolutely be a pro bowl selection; however, he is the only positive that I can make from this defense’s performance this season.

Injury bug, again.

Last Sunday the defense never seemed like they had a backbone, and once again, getting off the field on those money downs seemed to Washington back. To make matters worse, Zach Brown, who is easily the best player on that unit, and also leads the league in tackles, was carted off of the field with a foot injury. This leaves the Redskins in a major bind because at this point, all of the starting and rotational inside linebackers are officially out.

The defensive line had little to no pass rush on Phillip Rivers, allowing him and Keenan Allen to look like world beaters throughout the entire game.

The Week Ahead

Headed into this week against the Cardinals, I couldn’t tell you all what to expect. Injuries are at an all time high, while morale is at an all time low. There is no battling back since playoffs are out of the picture. But once again, winning out is still more than capable of happening.

With the defense being as thin as it is, this week is ultimately going to come down to the offense being able to score a lot of points. All Redskins fans hope they don’t come out as flat as they did last week.

I like to describe the Redskins as ‘night and day’, and on any given Sunday, you never know who you’re going to get. One day they could play lights out, like against the Raiders, than the next, they can throw a game down the drain (which was made apparent against the New Orleans Saints).

As frustrating as it is, I’ll continue to support my team.

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