Wednesday, June 26, 2019

It’s Never the Right Time to Say Goodbye

Adam Schefter reported that Cincinnati Bengals Coach Marvin Lewis will leave the team after the season. But Marvin Lewis wants these rumors to die down and focus on the rest of the season.  He said “We are really wasting time talking about this right now. The less we talk about it, just let it die down. Let’s go win these football games and let things happen the way they do.”

Even though Coach Lewis had avoided the direct question the writing is on the wall. For years the Cincinnati Bengals have been one of the more talented teams in the NFL. But they would implode in the Playoffs because of a lack of discipline, which resulted in 0 Playoff wins since the 90s. It’s sad that a player like Vontez Burfict in a representation of Coach Lewis’ tenure with the Bengals. Amazing talent but lacking the discipline to be great.

Where do we go from here?

So the question becomes where do the Bengals go from here? Do they keep Marvin Lewis, a coach who can coach players up to a certain point? Or do you sign a new Coach and bring a culture change that could possibly bring this team together and win crucial games.

I’m in favor of a Coaching change because we have seen year after year what the Bengals are. I believe that Marvin Lewis has taken this team as far as he could go. If they keep losing the players possibly will have disdain for each other and the Coaches. The window is starting to close for the Bengals and they don’t have many more chances to make a Super Bowl run. With a new Coach, I believe a new disciplinary system will be put in place. The player will only have one choice to obey the rule or be suspended for any incidents that occur on and off the field. Because the time for letting a player off with a slap on the wrist has passed. So we will see what will happen but this will be an interesting offseason for the Bengals.

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