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The captivating NBA analyst and commentator, Mark Jackson, is known for his catchphrases such as “MOMMA THERE GOES THAT MAN!” and “HAND DOWN, MAN DOWN!” But Mark Jackson needs to be the next head coach of ANY team that is looking for to be a contender. Jackson was not given enough time to really show what he could do as a coach. With only three years under his belt, Mark Jackson’s coaching record is 121-109 with a .526%-win percentage.

Mark Jackson’s coaching stats:

Jackson was the one who help put the pieces together to help the Golden State Warriors become the powerhouse team they are today. Jackson had a hand in drafting now 3x all-star Draymond Green and  now NBA champion Harrison Barnes in 2013. Jackson also brought in Andre Iguodala, in a three-team trade, who also became the NBA finals MVP the following year in 2014. Aside from bringing star personnel to the bay area, year after year, Mark increased his teams wins, starting with just 23 in the 2011-2012 season. In the 2013-2014 season, Mark coached his team to 51 wins.

That was the most wins the Warriors had at the time since 1991. How did Warriors general manager, Bob Myers, repay Mark Jackson for turning the franchise around? Myers fired him. Jackson was replaced by, current head coach, Steve Kerr. Kerr lead Mark Jackson’s team to the finals beating the Cleveland Cavilers in a 4-2 series to win a NBA championship. Personally, I have nothing against Steve Kerr, but he was given quite the blueprint and rode Mark Jackson’s coat-tail to claim a NBA title. Jackson is a player’s coach; his former players have sung praises and from his resume, we all are wondering why he has not been given a second chance.


Overall, here are three teams that could use Mark Jackson right now:


Chicago Bulls

Three mediocre years of coaching from Fred Hoiberg is holding this young Chicago Bulls team. The Bulls are the fifth youngest team in the NBA, with the average age being 25 years old.Hoiberg was a good coach in college, but as we all know, this isn’t the NCAA. The Bulls are not a playoff team, but they do have a vast amount of potential for the future. With Zach LaVine coming off his injury, and the surprising play of rookie Lauri Markkanen. Markkanen became the first rookie in NBA history to make 10 3-pointers or more in his first three games. He also became just the sixth Bulls player in team history to score 10+ points in six straight games to begin his career. There is a lot of upside for this team. However, these young men need direction. Jackson can mold this team and help get the Bulls back to a respectable status in the Eastern Conference.


Milwaukee Bucks

On Monday January 22nd, theMilwaukee Bucks fired their head coach, Jason Kidd. after three and a half seasons with the team. This didn’t sit well with Bucks superstar Giannis Antetokounmpo. This move may affect him staying in Milwaukee as he becomes a free agent in 2021. Antetokounmpo is only 23, and he is just coming into his own as an NBA superstar. How can the Bucks keep their star happy? Get Mark Jackson, a player’s coach. Jackson could keep Giannis happy enough to re-sign with the team.


Washington Wizards

I don’t know where to start. It does not seem like head coach Scott Brooks has control of the Washington Wizards. This team is a mess as of late. Since the new year the Wizards have gone 10-10. With losses to a Rudy Gobert-less Utah Jazz, a loss by 24 to the Charlotte Hornets, and just recently getting embarrassed by the Dallas Mavericks by 23 points. John Wall, Bradley Beal, and those guys need a coach who they can respect. They need a coach who will demand respect, and bring order to this team. Mark Jackson can be that guy. A change in coaching could ultimately change the dynamic in the locker room for the better.

Mark Jackson is only 52 years old and still has a lot of energy and knowledge to pass along. Spectators can hear the passion for the game in his voice when he’s analyzing and commentating. Jackson does not belong in a booth or court-side analyzing. Jackson needs to have a clipboard in his hand and deserves to be an NBA head coach again.

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