Friday, April 19, 2019

Week 3 has wrapped up and it was an interesting one. There were plenty of upsets and controversy. It was another exciting week and here are the top performers from week 3

Honorable Mentions

Jordy Nelson

Jordy could not be stopped. This performance reminded me of his Green Bay days. Oakland will need these performances to help the struggling Derek Carr. Nelson broke for two long gains and was unstoppable against the Dolphins secondary.

Drew Brees and Alvin Kamara

Brees and Kamara were in mid-season form against the Falcons Sunday. Brees broke the record for most career completions and is on his way to the most passing yards of all time as he will pass Peyton Manning. Kamara, however, is the deadliest running back in the NFL. He has better-receiving abilities than most wide receivers. Its unheard of for a running getting 15 catches in a game. This is every game for Kamara and it’s scary.

Xavien Howard

This is a very underrated player in the league now. Howard is a consistent playmaking corner for the Dolphins and his playmaking ability showed on Sunday against the Raiders. He picked off Derek Carr twice and helped lead the Dolphins to a win over the Raiders. The Dolphins are now 3-0 and in command of the AFC East. Let’s see how the Dolphins can continue their hot streak. Look for Howard to jump Tom Brady as the Dolphins take on the Patriots next week in an important AFC East matchup.

5. JJ Watt


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Watt was expected to eat against a weak Giants offensive line, and he did so. The 8th year man tallied 4 tackles and 3 sacks en route to a loss on Sunday. Watt made his presence known and showed why he is still the best defensive player in the NFL today.



4. Calvin Ridley

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This was the breakout performance I was waiting for Calvin Ridley. He is proving why the Falcons can have the scariest receiving corp in the NFL. Ridley finished with a whopping 7 catches for 146 yards and 3 touchdowns. His route running and ability to create separation was put on display and he torched the Saints defense. I want to see if Ridley can be consistent as the Falcons are going to need a strong offensive presence as they are struck with the injury bug on defense.


3. Christian McCaffrey

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Christian McCaffrey is a dog. 184 yards on 28 carries is what led his team to a win over the Bengals. McCaffrey was unstoppable, and we are seeing him progress as a running back. We’re used to seeing him as more of a receiving threat and not a pure running back. With this developed ability as a runner is going to make him dangerous in this league.2.



2. Baker Mayfield

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We were finally blessed with the Baker Mayfield era. It has finally begun. The number 1 overall pick led the Browns to their first win in 635 days. This was a win long overdue. Baker looked impressive. He showcased his strong arm and poise in the pocket. He looked like a seasoned veteran. Baker was officially named the starter for the Browns and now let’s see how he elevates his game.


1. Patrick Mahomes

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Mahomes cannot be stopped this season. The Chiefs offense has dominated in the first three games and it starts with Mahomes. The second-year quarterback has thrown for 13 touchdowns and 0 interceptions. What’s most impressive about Mahomes is his ability to create plays when the play breaks down. His supporting cast (Hill, Watkins, Kelce, Conley) played phenomenally. He shows a certain poise where he can create something out of nothing. He is the early season MVP and I see him leading this team to the playoffs.

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