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A one-hit wonder is a person who achieves a great feat, but is unable to repeat the achievement. In the NFL one hit wonders come around every so often, having a player break a record or put up outstanding numbers that season. But either due to injury or just plain luck for that year. These five guys are the best of the worst one hit wonders over the last 10 years. Let me start by giving you some guys who just missed the cut.

Honorable Mentions

QB Tim Tebow, Denver Broncos, 2011

In the 2011 season, Tebow was apart of a magical run with the Denver Broncos. Who doesn’t remember the amazing Demaryius Thomas’ 80-yard catch-and-run on Jan 8., 2012. It was the exclamation point at the end of an all-time epic Wild Card game. That’s about the only thing we remember about Tebows NFL career. He’s currently pursing a pipe-dream in the MLB.

WR Josh Gordon, Cleveland Browns, 2013

In 2013, there was only a handful of wide receivers you could say were better than Gordon. He led the NFL in receiving yards as a 22-year old and was selected first team all-pro. He couldn’t get out of his own way and has only played five games since. Word to Stephen A. Smith.

WR, Steve Smith, New York Giants, 2009

No not that Steve Smith. In 2009 the Giants thought they had the next best thing with Smith at receiver. At age 24, the other Smith had over 100 receptions with the Giants and over 1,200 yards, breaking the franchise record at the time for receptions. That next season his catches dropped from 107 to 48. New York got rid of him and left him he only lasted two more years before leaving the NFL.

QB Vince Young, Tennessee Titans, 2006

The Texas Longhorn legend made a splash on the NFL his rookie season. In 2006 Young won the rookie of the year as well as set an NFL record for the most rushing yards by a rookie quarterback. From there his career took a sharp turn, I don’t completely blame him. Coach Jeff Fisher benched him in the 2007 season and has been noted he didn’t even want to draft Young.

5. QB Derek Anderson, Cleveland Browns, 2007

One of the Cleveland Browns modern greatest quarterbacks, which isn’t saying much, is a one hit wonder. In 2007 Anderson threw a career best 3787 yards, 29 touchdowns, and 236.7 yards per game. Making his only pro-bowl appearance, Anderson led the Browns to a 10-6 record. Cleveland fans had a lot of hope and excitement after that year but were quickly brought back to reality that next season. Anderson only threw 9 touchdowns in 2008 and the Browns went 4-12.

Here are his stats:

4. RB Peyton Hillis, Cleveland Browns,  2010

Hillis was drafted 227th pick by the Denver Broncos in 2008. The Cleveland Browns acquired Hillis via trade in 2010 and was a man on fire! He ran for 1177 yards his first year with the Browns. He took the league by surprise. After that he never reached 600 yards in a season for the rest of his career. The thing that had people scratching their heads was he on the cover of the most popular football video game, Madden, in 2012.

Here are his stats:

3. QB Robert Griffin III, Washington Redskins, 2012

This one hurt me the most. He may have the potential to play himself off this list if he can get his body 100% healthy. After trading up with the now Los Angeles Rams to get RG3 in 2012, Washington thought they had their QB for the future. Taking his team to the playoffs, winning rookie of the year. RG3 had everything going for him, putting up 3200 yards on the ground and 815 on the ground, had Washington fans excited for the future. Unfortunately, due to injury, we never got to see what could have been in the nation’s capital. The next season RG3 demanded the team cut back on QB runs and have them respect him as a pocket passer. He would struggle with this role and ended up losing his spot in 2014. A preseason concussion ultimately sent RG3 out of Washington.

Here are his stats:

2. QB Nick Foles, Philadelphia Eagles, 2013

After losing five of the six games he started in 2012, for the Philadelphia Eagles, nobody expected Foles to be a starting quarterback in the NFL. When Mike Vick got hurt in the beginning of the 2013 season, however, Foles was back in the command chair. He posted the third-highest passer rating and the best touchdown to interception ratio in NFL history. He led the NFL in 9.1 yards per attempt and had Philadelphia’s offence finish second. He will forever be remembered for his 27 touchdowns and two interceptions. He tied the NFL record for most touchdowns in a game, throwing seven against the Oakland Raiders.

But what goes up must come down, in 2014 Foles threw 10 interceptions in 8 games before suffering a season ending injury. He would be traded that following season to the now Los Angles Rams and was, by the numbers, the worst quarterback in the league.

Here are his stats:

1. WR David Tyree, New York Giants, 2007

Tyree didn’t have a breakout season, more so an outstanding Super bowl performance. Best known for the “helmet-catch” in Super bowl XLII, the catch came at a crucial moment in the game. Helping the New York Giants beat the then undefeated New England Patriots. Used for mostly special teams, Tyree was used as a backup Wide receiver, Super Bowl XLII was the game that made David Tyree a household name. Tyree gave the Giants a 10-7 lead over the Patriots with a five-yard reception. Trailing 14-10 with a minute left, Tyree made the most spectacular 32-yard catch. Wedging the ball between his hand and helmet it is known simply as “The Catch”. This ultimately led to Plaxico Burress’s game winning touchdown to win the Super Bowl. Where is he now? David Tyree only played one more season after that. He is currently the Giants director of player development.

Here are his stats:


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