Wednesday, June 26, 2019

I am SICK and TIRED of hearing about the Southeastern Conference (SEC). How many times have we heard that the SEC is the most dominant conference in college football? I am tired of that being said repeatedly. Yes the top of the conference is very very good. But lets put it to the test.

The bottom half of the SEC, teams like Vanderbilt, Arkansas, University of Mississippi (Ole Miss), and Tennessee are absolute garbage. Tennessee is the least desired coaching job in football. Finally after what seems like the 15th candidate they went with Jeremy Pruitt (Defensive coordinator for Alabama). They went 0-8 in the conference. This is a school that is considered a “Blue blood” (a team that has a history of being considered among the elites in college football). That is appalling. They have the chance to be good, but with the sabotage that has happened there I do not see that happening anytime soon.


The supposedly hardest conference is college football is just dominated by Alabama. Since 2008 Alabama has either won or shared this division 9 times. Alabama was clearly the better team when they lost to Auburn as well. They had a depleted defense which cause them trouble.

The media loves hyping all this specific part of the conference, but all of these teams fizzle out by the end of the of year. Look at the bowl games. Is Mississippi State really bragging about beating a terrible Louisville team by four points. If you claim to be this big mighty conference especially this big mighty division you would hope that your dominant teams show up on the national stage.

Look at Auburn, people thought that they were done an injustice by being invited to the Peach Bowl. Then look what happened? A very good UCF team came and beat them. That team is the third best team in the conference and got beat by a non power 5 conference team.

LSU, another team in the west, has so much talent it can make your head spin at some points. At points in the last ten years they had offensive weapons such as Odell Beckham JR, Jarvis Landry, and Leonard Fournette. All playing in the NFL now. Their Defense had elite players like Patrick Peterson and Tyrann Mathieu. Yet in the past decade they have never put it together. The last time a team not from the State of Alabama was in the national championship representing the SEC was Florida in 2008. So do not try and tell me that the SEC is not dominated by top heavy Alabama.

The SEC is a favorite conference in the eyes of the media because of all the press it gets. Not only does it have a marquee (Best game of the week) game on Saturday afternoons (prime time college football slot). ESPN also has a whole entire network dedicated to that conference.

There needs to be a correction when talking about the SEC. Alabama deserves the praise. I am not denying that in any way. They have dominated college football for the past nine years. There just needs to be a different light shed upon this conference.


The redheaded step-child of this conference. Again, a division of this conference which routinely sees one of two teams in the conference championship game; either Florida, or Georgia.

Georgia is a program that looks scary with Kirby Smart at the helm. However, the rest of the division is in shambles.

There is no way that anyone can take Florida as a serious contender right now. They lack any form of offense. At on point this season, they were ranked 105th nationally in total offense.

The bottom of the division has become an irrelevant part of the college football landscape; comprised of the likes of Vanderbilt, who went 1-7 in conference. The SEC East usually is the second runner up to the west. They normally get dominated in the Championship and make sure that they secure a New Years 6 bowl. The New Years Six Bowls are the Rose Bowl, Cotton Bowl, Peach Bowl, Sugar Bowl, Fiesta Bowl, and the Orange Bowl. Each of which are important games for teams to play in if they are considered “elite”. Which is absurd as we have proven from the Auburn loss against UCF.

Hopefully people will see that the SEC is just top heavy and does not produce the desired results from a conference that happens to be on the minds of every single sports caster in the country. The thing that does not help my case though is the fact that two SEC teams are playing for the national championship. Hopefully once and for all people will realize that this conference is a one team conference with Alabama leading the way. I guess we will all find out Monday January 8th.


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