Wednesday, June 26, 2019

The Oklahoma City Thunder are currently sitting at 10-12, and are the 9th seed in the west after a wild week.

The Thunder started the week off by losing a game in Orlando to the lowly Magic, 121-108. OKC trailed by 22 at one point, and shot below 40% as a team again. Their 13-turnovers didn’t help anything; A depressing game, that left Thunder fans feeling like all was lost. Even star-point-guard Russell Westbrook bent over with his head down after the final buzzer sounded Wednesday night before collapsing on the bench staring blankly into the distance, looking totally defeated.

The Thunder rallied, and on Friday night they finally beat the Minnesota Timberwolves. After blowing two gut-punch games to the T-Wolves earlier in the year, Friday night in OKC, the Thunder got the job done. The Thunder lead the entire way, and at one point they stretched their lead out to 21-points. The game was never tied, the Wolves never held a lead, and Steven Adams stole the show turning in a career high 27-points to the tune of 11-for-11 shooting. Paul George scored 36-points at a 47%-clip. Surprisingly, it was Carmelo Anthony who was passive on Friday night, putting up just 7-shots. OKC won 111-107.

Sunday night the Thunder got to square off with a Spurs team that was without Manu Ginobili, LaMarcus Aldridge, Tony Parker, and Rudy Gay. OKC still went down to the wire with San Antonino Sunday night and tried every way the could to blow the game, but escaped with a 90-87 win. The Spurs largest lead of the night was 1-point, while the Thunder built a 14-point-cushion at one time. While it was not pretty, over the last two games the Thunder made 19.4-more-passes than their season average. A big part of that is due to Carmelo Anthony sacrificing shots. If this trend continues, the Thunder will be in business.

The week ahead: Tuesday vs the Jazz, Thursday At the Nets (In Mexico City), Saturday at the Grizzles.

Record prediction: 3-0 this week.

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