Wednesday, June 26, 2019

The Game of the Game

After a Washington Wizards loss to the Los Angeles Lakers, this past Wednesday has left me shocked. I thought that this Wizards team would be able to beat the Lakers by a large margin.

Especially when LaVar Ball father of Lonzo Ball made comments saying “The Wizards better beware because Lonzo won’t lose another game this week.” In my opinion, I first thought that this is the NBA!!! This isn’t College or High School basketball your son is going to be competing against a player who is better than him. Why would you put even more pressure on him than there already is? After LaVar comments, Wizards Center Marcin Gortat posted on Twitter that Wizards Point Guard John Wall will torture Lonzo. Then John made comments that said, “No Mercy” in regards towards him playing against Lonzo.

Well, John did his job against Lonzo now allowing a point or an assist but John didn’t have a great offensive game. He was 7 for 22 with 18 points and 9 assists. The game was lost because down the stretch in the 4th quarter the Wizards were having a difficulty scoring. But Brandon Ingram began to score clutch buckets and Lakers Power-Forward Julius Randle made some pivotal stops late.

Father Figure

Even though Lonzo didn’t have a great game he is making his father out to be a prophet. While Lavar has made some enemies in the past he has a new defender of his passion. Wizards’ Head Coach Scott Brooks said ” My father left me at 2. I would love to have my father around like LaVar is around and talk to him and pump me up in confidence. To me, that’s every son’s dream.”

In the African American community, there is the criticism of the lack of father figures in their families. Well, we have one in LaVar Ball who loves his children. Is a bit over the top at times? Yes, he is but it makes for great TV and gets ready for all the sound bites from this season.

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