Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Last week the FBI released a list of names which included former NCAA Basketball players who were paid for playing.  Former NC State Basketball player Dennis Smith, Jr. received over 70,000 dollars. The recent number 1 overall pick Markell Fultz received 10,000 dollars from the Washington Huskies. But one of the more notable names was Arizona Wildcats big man DeAndre Ayton. It was reported that Wildcats Head Coach Sean Miller was on a phone call making a deal for Ayton to come to Arizona for 100,000 dollars. Sean Miller’s coaching status is in jeopardy and will probably be fired after this season.

where does the NCAA go from here?

Opportunity or Exploitation?

For many young people, we are told that we should make it to college, learn all we can, graduate, and join the workforce. It sounds like great advice but if you look at it from the student-athletes perspective things get very confusing. For some players, they didn’t have the abilities academically to enroll in every college. However, they used their athletic abilities to enroll in any and every institution. There are student-athletes who come from rough neighborhoods and single parent homes. So while these athletes are having the best time of their lives but their families are still suffering back at home. So the question becomes is taking money as a student-athlete wrong?

The NCAA provides Athletic scholarships to all student-athletes and makes all of us believe that this is enough. Honestly, that is the bare minimum that the NCAA should do for these athletes. players specifically in Football and Basketball has transformed the NCAA into a billion dollar corporation. The students’ jerseys are sold in stores, their coaches have million dollar deals, and each Institution profits as well. While money is coming into these Institutions, nothing is going into the students’ pockets.

Many student-athletes have complained about playing for their school but starving for something to eat or,  go on a date. They can’t accept any money for signing any autographs and or paraphernalia. They can’t even support themselves with a job because that’s against NCAA rules. With their success on the court or on the field, it brings extra attention to these Universities. Also more 4-star and 5-star recruits want to come to that school because it’s a pipeline to the pros. Thus the cycle of exploitation continues as the NCAA profits while the student doesn’t. So the Student-Athlete has a choice to make. Do I take the “Right route” and don’t take any money, or do it take the money that I deserve?

Pay the Players!


The bottom line is that these players should be paid.

The NCAA is a business, and it’s not fair to profit off the backs of the students with giving them the bare minimum. It reminds me a lot of slavery because for many student they don’t have any other options. It’s either risk your health for a chance at a better life or change your dream. The NCAA needs to stop bamboozling students into settling for less and it’s time for a change.

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